Our Charitable Progress

Village 1: Kitalale, Kenya: 100%
Village 2: Uganda: 100%
Village 3: Tanzania: 90%


Benevolence LA + Charity Partnerships = Social Enterprise.

We are part of the growing Social Enterprise movement. We believe in the power of business to help solve the world’s problems.  Along with companies such as Tom’s and Warby Parker, we believe giving can be the driving force behind our business. It’s a twist on the charity model.  We don’t ask for donations.  We simply ask people to give to charity by buying products they want anyway.

At Benevolence LA we believe fashion can be more. It can tell a story.  It can be a movement. It can help build a bridge from commerce to generosity. This is the core of what we’re about.

And we believe in connecting our products to small, attainable, and tangible charitable causes. The non-profits we are partnering with will be companies we know and trust and the results will be real and documented. Your purchase will make a real difference and help break the cycle of poverty for at risk peoples worldwide. This is our passion. This is our promise.

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